Monday, August 21, 2017

Middle West Spirits Tour - August 19, 2017

Located next door to Brothers Drake Meadery, Middle West Spirits produces a number of well crafted liquors.  I took a tour of the facility with my brother on Saturday, and it was very cool to see what Middle West has already accomplished and have a glimpse at what is to come.

When you enter the facility, you pass through the gift shop area, with lots of beautifully crafted wood counters, shelves, and product displays.

Walking around the corner, you enter what will eventually be their restaurant and bar.  The restaurant will feature a full range of cocktails made with Middle West spirits as well as spirits from many other companies.  They're promising an incredible array of beverages when they're up and running.

The tour starts in a small conference room or private dining area off the main restaurant/bar. The tour guide talks about the history of the company, its plans for the future, and its success to date.

After this brief introduction, you're shown the massive fermenters where the beverages start.

You then see the distillers and have the chance to look inside one of the fermenters to see the beverage fermenting inside it.

I knew that Middle West made a number of products. I've seen their whiskey, vodka, and other products on store shelves around town.  Until the tour, I had no idea how many different products they make.  It's quite an impressive selection.

We had a nice time on the tour, learned a lot, and got to try many of their products. I'd definitely recommend taking the tour if you get the chance.


Whiskey making still

The top side of the fermenters

Sampling/testing port for spirits in-progress - reminds me of a steampunk gadget

Spent grain ends up in these containers and is offered to local farmers to feed livestock

Massive distillation columns - practically works of art in themselves

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