Monday, April 24, 2017

Taxman Brewing's "Death and Taxes" Day - April 22, 2017

If you haven't heard of Taxman Brewing Company of Bargersville, Indiana, that's not surprising. You won't find their beers on shelves in Columbus stores (unfortunately). However, if you sign up for's service, they do periodically offer Taxman beers to Ohio residents. That's how I found out about Taxman.

Taxman's taproom
Taxman Brewing is located in Bargersville, a small Indiana town. They feature a number of Belgian inspired beers, including Qualified (a Belgian style Quadrupel), La Maison (a farmhouse ale), Deduction (an Abbey Dubbel), Exemption (a Tripel), and many others. They have a two-story taproom which serves their beer and a variety of really delicious food. If you are a fan of Belgian style beers, this is a pilgrimage you should consider making.

Taxman's Facility in Bargersville, Indiana
My wife and I chose last weekend to visit them somewhat randomly, only to discovery it was their anniversary celebration, an event they call "Death and Taxes Day".  The event is held annually the weekend after tax day in the US. It features a selection of Taxman's beer, beer from approximately 40 Indiana breweries, and a special release of their Evasion stout. Actually, it features a separate version of the stout for each hour of the celebration.

My sample (and my wife's) of Cocoa Vanilla Evasion - Delicious!
This year's Evasion samples included "regular" Evasion, a version with Vanilla beans, another with cocoa and vanilla beans, one with coffee, and one with blueberries. I tried two of them and enjoyed both.

The line at Taxman's sampling station
The event draws about 2,000 people to the brewery, which is a testament to the quality of the beer.

I left the event with a bottle of the special limited release beer, as well as a case of Qualified (which was selling for $5 per bomber).

I look forward to vising the brewery again in the future and sampling many more of their beers.

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