Friday, April 8, 2016

Miami Brewing Co. Shark Bait (8/10)

While passing through the Miami airport in January, I stopped to sample a few local beers.  One of them was Miami Brewing Company's Shark Bait.

Shark Bait is a mango wheat ale.  It pours a hazy yellow gold as you see in the picture to the left, with a finger-thick white head that lasts a while and leaves behind spotty lacing.

The aroma is a mix of mango, malt, and possibly noble hops.

The flavor starts slightly sweet, then the mango swells up and adds tartness.  Hops follows that.  The finish is a mix of mild mango and hops bitterness. It's a very easy to drink beer, as you can see from the amount that had already vanished by the time I took the photo.

I am not a big wheat beer fan in general, but I liked this one. Drinking it made me feel not like I was sitting in an airport restaurant, but like I was on the beach in Miami listening to steel drums and watching the tide come in.  That's not a difficult image to take in January.  In the end, I rated the beer an 8 out of 10 for its overall experience.

Surprisingly, Rate Beer gives Shark Bait only a 55 overall.  Beer Advocate didn't have a score when I checked in March 2016, but the few reviews that were posted were in the (approximate, adjusted) 6-7 out of 10 range.  I think they're being a bit hard on it, myself.  While it may not be the equal of some of the world's most-celebrated beers (like Westvleteren XII or Pliny the Elder) it's a competent beer that is easy to drink and is more palatable than the macros.

Sadly, the last time I checked this beer isn't available here in Ohio.  You'll have to make a trip south to pick some up.

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