Friday, January 15, 2016

Pigskin Brewing Saison Du Victory (8/10)

Gahanna's Pigskin Brewing Company marries football with beer in a way that feels slightly upscale without being snooty.  Their Saison Du Victory is a Belgian farmhouse ale.

The beer pours a bright gold with amber hues, and a thick white head that dissipates slowly.

The aroma is fruity and spicy without the "funk" often found in Saisons.  This makes it seem more polished and drinkable than many of its counterparts from other breweries.

The flavor starts malty with a hint of roasted malt.  A mild swell of hops bitterness, Saison fruitiness, and spice appears after this. The finish is mildly bitter and hints at the presence of citrus peel.  Overall, a really nice and easy to drink Saison.

This beer hasn't made it to Beer Advocate as of this writing.  Rate Beer only has three ratings, which average around 67 out of 100.  Interestingly the three reviewers all state that the beer has banana, clove, and funk in the flavor.  I didn't experience that in the one I had.  I like it more than many Saisons I've had (but less than others) so I'm rating it 8 out of 10.

When it's available, you can find it at Pigskin's Gahanna taproom.  You may also find it at other craft beer venues around town as a rotating draft.

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