Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Pigskin Brewing in Gahanna

Pigskin Brewing Company is located in Gahanna on Mill Street, in the space pictured at the left.

They feature up to 20 taps, including a mix of their own beers and those of other breweries.

As you might expect from the company name, there is a definite football theme to the brewery, its taproom, and its beer names.

During our visit in November 2015, their Porterback, Legendary Amber, Gose All the Way, Cream of the Crop, Undefeated IPA, Saison Du Victory, Laces Out hefeweizen, Kickoff Mild Brown, Stout Defense, 12 Gauge double IPA, and Autumn Wind Russian Imperial Stout were on tap - as well as beers from a number of other breweries.  A selection of bottled and canned beers is also offered, as well as mixed drinks and wine for the non-beer-lover.

Pigskin Taproom taps

The bar has big-screen TVs, lots of seating, and free Wi-Fi
The taproom is clean, well-lit (and with plenty of natural lighting), lots of seating, free Wi-Fi, and two big-screen televisions displaying (what else?) football games.

A self-service popcorn machine near the entrance provides free popcorn to customers.  Around the edge of the table on which the machine is perched, you'll find shakers full of popcorn seasonings like white cheddar, bacon cheddar, and others.  The base "unflavored" popcorn is great, but the option of seasoning it is a nice touch.

There is a food menu as well, offering both appetizers and sandwiches.  We shared a ground beef quesadilla during our visit and found it very tasty (though a little greasy).  I'd happily eat another.

Also on the food menu, you'll find pretzel rods and beer cheese, sharp cheddar pierogies, hummus platter, beer battled pickle spears, a chipotle ranch chicken wrap, turkey bacon wrap, beer bratwurst, tomato aioli BLT, and a kids menu.

We tried several of the beers during our visit.  All of them were good, and I'd be perfectly happy if a friend shared a growler of any of them with me.  The Cream of the Crop cream ale was nicely balanced between malt and hops.  The Laces Out hefeweizen was a good example of the style.  Kickoff Mild Brown lived up to its name.  We eventually settled on a glass of Autumn Wind Russian Imperial Stout and Saison Du Victory.

(A word about the pictures here.  We arrived on a Saturday, just after the taproom opened.  Many of these pictures might make it seem like Pigskin is deserted, but that's not normally the case.  As we finished our beer and left, the place began to fill up with fans eager to watch the Ohio State football game that would be on the air in a few hours.)

Pigskin Brewing's Saison Du Victory
The Saison Du Victory is a typical Belgian-style Saison (Farmhouse Ale).  Unlike many Saisons, it didn't have the sometimes-unpleasant "funk" you find in the style.  It did, however, deliver everything else you'd want from a Saison.  It was well-balanced between malt, fruitiness, and hops bitterness.  I'd describe it as one of the most drinkable Saisons I've encountered.

Pigskin Brewing's Autumn Wind Russian Imperial Stout
Autumn Wind pours a nice black color with thick layer of creamy tan head that lasts a while and leaves behind spotty lacing.  The aroma is malty, chocolatey, and carries a hint of coffee.  The flavor is a nicely balanced mix of coffee, roasted malt, chocolate, hops bitterness, and mild sweetness.  It's a very nice stout.

Pigskin offers its beers on draft as well as by the glass, so you can enjo2y them at home.

This is where the magic happens...

A cool feature of the Pigskin facility is the ability to see the brewhouse from outside and within the taproom.

The Pigskin Brewing taproom has a welcoming but upscale feel about it that makes for a pleasant visit.  If you have the time, I recommend checking it out.  You might also check out Actual Brewing's taproom, too, which is about ten minutes away.

Pigskin Brewing Company
81 Mill Street, Suite 150
Gahanna, OH 43230
(614) 944-9311

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