Sunday, September 6, 2015

Argus Rosie Cheeks Saison (7/10)

Argus Brewery of Chicago produces Rosie Cheeks Saison. This Saison ale is brewed with "rose hips to impart a slightly tart and jammy flavor that pairs nicely with the farmhouse and clove characters found in our saison yeast."

I received this beer as part of the August 2015 shipment from the Rare Beer Club.

The beer pours a pinkish gold color with thin white head.

The aroma is floral, with some malt and the usual Saison funk elements.

The flavor starts malty, mildly sweet, slightly fruity, slightly tart, and mildly bitter.  It's an interesting, complex, and somewhat bold flavor.

Beer Advocate only has a couple of reviews for it, which work out to approximately 7 out of 10.  RateBeer is the same.  I have to agree with those other reviewers.  If it came down to this beer or one of the macro brews, I'd probably fill my glass with this one.  On the other hand, there are quite a few beers I like more than this one.

Right now, as far as I know, this beer isn't available for purchase in Ohio.  The only way you could get it would be on a trip to Argus Brewery in Chicago or to order it from the Rare Beer Club.

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