Sunday, July 5, 2015

Brothers Drake Peach Rush Mead (8/10)

I've been a fan of Brothers Drake Meadery here in Columbus ever since I tried their Apple Pie Mead at 101 Beer Kitchen in Dublin.  It was such a delicious beverage that I couldn't wait to sample everything else they made.  The best way to do that would be to visit their location near Fifth Avenue and High Street. Thursday night, my wife and I did just that.

The bartender allowed us to sample the various mead varieties that interested us, including the Blueberry Chai, Bergamot Blue, Scarlet Solstice, and Honey Oak.  They were all good in their own way, but I really liked Peach Rush.  It had a nice mix of honey sweetness and fresh peach flavor.  The barrel aged version of Peach Rush was also quite nice.

As you can see from the photo at left, Peach Rush pours a slightly hazy gold color.  It's not carbonated, so there's no head and no lacing in the glass.

The aroma is an enticing blend of honey and peaches.  The aroma hints that this will be a sweet drink, and in fact it is... though not as sweet as the Apple Pie mead.

The flavor combines the best elements of honey and peaches into a single drink. There's a slight warming element from the alcohol that fits in well with the rest.  The glass pictured here went down far too easily... and was soon followed by a glass of the oak-aged version.

Because I was a first-time visitor and purchased a full bottle of Peach Rush, I was offered two tickets to come back in the future for a tour of the facility.  Being very interested in how Brothers Drake works its magic with honey and yeast, I'm looking forward to that return visit.

Peach Rush is available at a number of bars and restaurants around town, in addition to the meadery's taproom.  I've seen it on the shelves at Kenny Road Market and Whole Foods in Dublin in particular.

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