Friday, July 17, 2015

Avery Nineteen Belgian Tripel (7/10)

Avery Brewing Company of Colorado produced this Belgian style Tripel Ale to commemorate their 19th anniversary in 2012.  I sampled the beer in 2013, but am only writing about it now in 2015.  Time flies...

The Tripel style is one of my favorites when done well.  The BJCP style guidelines indicate that a Tripel should have a complex aroma with moderate to significant spiciness, moderate fruity esters, and low alcohol and hop aromas.  It should be yellow to gold in color and have good clarity, along with a long-lasting creamy white head.  The flavor should mix fruit, spice, and alcohol with a soft malt character.

Nineteen pours a slightly cloudy pale amber color with finger thick white head that lasts a minute or so.

The aroma combines hops and Belgian fruity/spicy notes.  Hops dominates the aroma.

The flavor matches the aroma.  Hops is the primary element, with the malt, fruit, and spice elements taking a back seat... somewhere near the license plate.  Although I liked Nineteen all things considered, it was hoppier and more bitter than I like my Tripel ales to be.  Those are are bigger fans of the IPA and hoppy styles will probably find this an accessible Belgian style beer as it contains the hops you're looking for.  To me, it was like a nice Triple that someone poured a few shots of IPA into.

When the beer was available for sale in Ohio, I found it at Savor Growl and Savor Market on Indianola.  I haven't encountered a bottle since I purchased the one pictured here in late 2012.  At the time, it cost $9.99.

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