Wednesday, May 13, 2015

White Birch Oaked Wee Heavy Ale (7/10)

White Birch Brewing of Hooksett, New Hampshire, brews this oak-aged Scottish Wee Heavy style ale.

The Wee Heavy style is also known as Scotch Strong Ale.  It's known for a deeply malty aroma with earthy notes.  They're normally a copper to dark brown color with a large tan head which may not persist long.  They're rich, malty, usually sweet beers with complex malt flavors.  The sweetness is usually balanced out by an alcohol warming note.  This is per the Beer Judge Certification Guidelines.

This beer poured a dark mahogany color, in line with the style.

The aroma was oaky with a solid malt backdrop.

The flavor is similar to the aroma.  It starts with a mild malty sweetness that turns a little bitter and oaky.  The finish is bitter and lingering, and there's a little alcohol warmth to it as well.

I tried this particular glass at Growl! on North High Street in Clintonville.  It may still be on tap at this time this is published.  Since it's not listed on the official White Birch web site, I can't help you locate it if it's not available there anymore.  I've not seen it elsewhere in my travels.

Beer Advocate had only four ratings and two reviews of the beer.  Rate Beer had much the same.  The lingering bitterness knocked a point off this one, which I might otherwise have rated an 8.  My rating is in the same range as those on RateBeer and Beer Advocate, which are generally comparable to a 7-8 out of  10.

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