Sunday, May 10, 2015

Lineage Brewing Scarale Blackberry Wheat Beer (6/10)

Today we'll take a look at Lineage Brewing's Scarale, a Blackberry Wheat Beer.

From the start, I should let you know that I've kind of lost my taste for wheat beers, and I tend to only like fruit beers that bring to mind the precise flavor of a fresh, ripe piece of the fruit in question.

Scarale pours an interesting hazy raspberry tinged pink with a white head that lingers a little while before dissipating.

The aroma is that of tangy raspberries.

The flavor is comparable to the aroma.  It's a little tangy or sour, with a hint of not-quite-ripe raspberry to it.  It's a pleasant enough beer, but not a favorite.  I'd like to see the ripe raspberry flavor and sweetness come through more.

I'm giving Scarale a 6 out of 10.  Realistically, it's more of a 6.5 (but I don't give out half-point scores).  I like it a touch better than their Aunt Bernice Berliner Weisse, but not as much as some of their other beers.  My companions that evening were split on it.  My wife didn't care for the tartness.  My brother preferred it and wound up buying a pint later.

As with all the Lineage Brewing beers, this one is only available at their taproom on North High. If you're interested in trying it, you'll want to get there soon as they may swap out the recipe with something else.

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