Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Lineage Brewing Ole Willy Mclane Scottish 80 Shilling Ale (8/10)

Of all the Lineage Brewing products I tried on my recent visit, Ole Willy Mclane Scottish 80 Shilling Ale was my clear favorite.

It pours a lovely copper or mahogany color, as you can see in the photo, with a beige head that dissipates slowly to a ring around the top.

The aroma is malty and mildly sweet.

The flavor is a very well-balanced combination of rich malt, roasted barley, and mild hops bitterness.  It's a very smooth and easy to drink beer.  I could easily sit back and sip a growler full of it.

It's a great representation of the style, too.  You wouldn't want it to be "more" or "less" of anything.  Nicely done, brewmaster!

I'm giving this an 8 out of 10, which makes it the highest-rated beer I've had from Lineage.  I'm still waiting to try their Mike Drop Coconut Porter, though.  Given that I'm a fan of Brew Kettle's Kitka Coconut Chocolate Stout, I might well enjoy Mike Drop as much as Ole Willy Mclane here.  We'll see.

As with all of Lineage Brewing's products, this one is available only at their taproom in Clintonville on North High Street.  They plan to rotate through styles and tweak them periodically, so if this sounds like a beer you'll enjoy, you'll want to visit them soon in case they decide to stop making it.

This 5.4% alcohol by volume, 19 IBU beer retails for $5 a pint at the taproom.

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