Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Wolf's Ridge Taproom

Last year, I visited Wolf's Ridge Brewing downtown while at the Greater Columbus Convention Center for an event.  At the time, they were just starting to break ground for their taproom.

Back in late January, they opened up that taproom.  It's a wonderful thing.  All their beers (and the number of them is impressive) are available, along with some excellent pub foods to have with them.  This is a nice alternative to the restaurant in the front of the location.  (The restaurant offers some great food, but if all you want is Wolf's Ridge's excellent beer, it's overkill.)

While there, I had the opportunity to sample the St. Francis Belgian Quad, which is delicious and highly recommended to fans of the style.

If it hadn't been necessary to walk out of there, I might have tried to sample everything... the brewmasters at Wolf's Ridge know what they're doing, and I love that Belgian and German styles are part of their repertoire.

If you want to try St. Francis, The Daily Growler in Upper Arlington has it on tap as of this writing.

For more about the taproom, see Anthony Dominic's article in Crave.

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