Saturday, March 14, 2015's Excellent Interactive Beer Style Guide

The web site has an interactive guide to help you find the right beer style for your taste.  It begins by asking you the color bitterness, and alcohol content you're looking for.  You're also asked to specify characteristics you like, such as whether the beer is hoppy, earthy, spicy, fruity, caramel, or sour.

After you specify your personal taste criteria, they show you a number of beer styles which meet that description.

Hovering your mouse over one, they'll tell you a little about it.  Click on the style, and they'll take you to a page showing information about that style, food pairings, the proper glassware and serving temperature for it, examples you'll find in the stores, and other beer styles you might enjoy if you like that one.

If you're new to craft beer, or simply wonder what else is out there you might like, check it out.

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