Sunday, March 22, 2015

Carillon Brewing in Dayton, Ohio

Carillon Brewing Co. offers beers based on historic recipes from the 1800s.  In addition to these historic recipes, the brewery also uses grain malted the same way it was done in the 19th centrury, Ohio-grown hops (when available), open copper brewing kettles, oak barrels for fermentation, and no filtration.  They even use a gravity fed brewing system like 19th century brewers did.  The result are some ales which differ from any you'll find at other Ohio breweries.

As with any craft brewery, their exact draft list varies, but may include:

  • Coriander Ale:  Based on a recipe from 1831, it is a mild pale ale with notes of citrus and peppercorn, finished with hot peppers for a warming element.
  • Porter:  Based on an 1862 recipe, it combines strong ale flavors with the drinkability of a small ale.  A mix of dark and light malts are used.
  • Irish Red Ale: Has an "all-around balance of malty flavor and hops with a touch of sweetness from roasted barley".
  • Spiced Dunkelweizen (seasonal): A dark wheat ale spiced with ginger, cinnamon, and star anise.
  • Spruce Ale (seasonal): A historical ale that dates back to when spruce was used to bitter beers.  Molasses and barley round out the flavor profile.
Other beers are produced there and periodically are served on premise.

Carillon Brewing is located in Dayton's historic Carillon Park.

I have not yet visited Carillon Brewing, but hope to do so later this year.  If you find yourself in Dayton, you may want to drop by to check them out.

Carillon Brewing Co.
1000 Carillon Boulevard
Dayton, OH 45409

Phone: 937-910-0722

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