Friday, February 27, 2015

New Holland Black Tulip Tripel Ale (8/10)

Black Tulip is a Belgian style Tripel Ale produced by New Holland Brewing of Holland, Michigan.

BJCP Guidelines for the Tripel say the aroma should be spicy, fruity, and citrus-like with a low hop aroma.  The flavor should mix spice, fruit, alcohol, and soft malts.  The guidelines say it should not be sweet, though personally I prefer a mild sweetness with minimal hops bitterness in the style.

Black Tulip pours a hazy gold color with thin white head that dissipates quickly. 

The aroma is fruity, malty, spicy, and carries a hint of biscuit. 

The flavor starts malty, then turns sweet, spicy, and mildly citrus.  At 21 IBUs, it's at the low end of bitterness for the style (20-40 per BJCP notes) which is fine by me.  At 8.8% alcohol, it provides a peppery or warming note, but this isn't overdone.

Beer Advocate gives Black Tulip and 87/100 out of 100.  Rate Beer gives it an 84/100.  These are in line with my own rating of 8/10.

It's hard to find a bottle of this beer, unfortunately.  I received this bottle as a gift and haven't seen it in a local store since.

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