Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Cloning a Golden Dragon, Part 8 - Wine Yeast Introduction

I've been monitoring the fermentation of my Gulden Draak clone beer for about a month now.  For the past week, there seems to have been no change in the gravity of the beer.  The harvested yeast seems to have done its job and gone to sleep.  The gravity has been stuck at 1.049 for a while.  A true Gulden Draak beer is around 1.026, so we need a bit more work out of our yeast.

The real Gulden Draak beer has wine yeast (variety unspecified) used in its secondary fermentation process.  I have some Montrachet wine yeast left over from making Apfelwein in the fall, so I activated a package of that with a couple of teaspoons of yeast energizer and tossed it into the tank.  As expected, most of the yeast had fallen out of suspension to the bottom of the fermenter.

Tomorrow night, I'll be checking up on the beer to see if the wine yeast has made a dent in the beer. My worry, of course, is that the wine yeast will go a little too crazy and consume more malt in the beer than I intend for it to do, leaving the beer far too dry instead of mildly sweet like the real Gulden Draak.  It will be a while before we know.

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