Thursday, December 11, 2014

Cloning a Golden Dragon - Part 3

In Part 1 of this series, I talked about harvesting the yeast from four bottles of Gulden Draak and trying to raise them in a starter wort.  Part 2 continued that effort.  Tonight in Part 3, we'll talk about the recipe.

Despite spending the night in a nice warm place (not too warm, of course), the yeast seems to have eaten all of the starter wort that it's going to.  Tonight, I allowed it to settle as much as possible and then drained off the clear portion of the wort.  That left me with what you see in the flask to the left.  It was about a half-inch of wort with the magnetic stir bar in it and (hopefully) the lion's share of the Gulden Draak yeast I've grown since Sunday.

I mixed up my third batch of starter, with one-half cup of amber dry malt extract, four cups of water, a little splash of D-45 candi syrup, and a half-teaspoon of yeast nutrient.  This was boiled for 10 minutes and then chilled down to about 75 degrees Fahrenheit in an ice bath.  It was then poured into the flask.

While I was doing this, I took the opportunity to clean out the airlock and refill it with sanitizer.  The cleaned and sanitized airlock was replaced on the flask, and the flask put back on the magnetic stirrer.  The yeast will remain here until tomorrow night when I see if we need to give it another new starter.

The home brewers out there might be wondering what recipe I'm planning to use for this clone.  The recipe will be:
The airlock, cleaned of last night's blow-off

5 pounds of Amber DME
3.1 pounds of Pale LME
2.5 pounds of Pilsen Light DME
13 ounces of Wheat DME
0.4 pounds of Aromatic Malt
0.5 pounds of Special B Malt
0.2 pounds of Caramunich Type III Malt
0.7 pounds of Dark Candi Sugar
0.75 ounces of Northern Brewer hops pellets
0.5 ounces of Fuggle hops pellets

The specialty grains will be steeped in 150 degree water for 60 minutes.  They'll be removed.  The extracts will then be added.  Then I'll sparge the grain to get the water total up to where it needs to be for the main boil.  

The Northern Brewer hops will go in at the boil, and the Fuggle hops during the last 15 minutes along with the Candi sugar.  I'll pitch the Gulden Draak yeast I've been farming here, and if it doesn't look like enough toss in some White Labs WL545 yeast to keep it going.  

It'll spend 4-8 weeks in the fermenter. Then I'll bottle it, and leave it there for probably another month.  In other words, I may not actually taste it until February...

Here's where to find Part 4...

The flask, with new starter wort, on the magnetic stirrer

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