Thursday, December 25, 2014

Aegir Bryggeri Julebryugg Christmas Ale (8/10)

Aegir Bryggeri is located in Flam, Norway.  Julebrygg is a Belgian Dubbel style ale that is produced by the brewery as a Christmas beer.  The brewery describes it as "light brown in color, medium heavy with a flavor of dried fruits and spices from the yeast."

To me, the color is more a dark brown than a light brown.  The head is beige, very thick, and creamy.

The aroma is sweet, with a strong dark fruit element and a definite warming alcohol presence.  Spices are there but subtle.

The flavor is not as sweet as the aroma would hint.  It's more dry and malty than sweet and fruity.  Still, it's an excellent beer and very enjoyable.  A nice example of the Dubbel style.  Bitterness is mild.

Beer Advocate gives it an 86 or "very good" rating with 16 people weighing in.   RateBeer gives it an 88 overall.  Both of these fall in line with my 8/10 rating.

I purchased this particular bottle in 2013 at Whole Foods in Dublin.  I suspect it's available there this season as well.

Flavor Profile:
Sweet, Malty, Dry, Bitter, or Sour:
 Malty, Dry
Spice Level:  Low
Hops Level: Low
Dominant Flavors: Malt, subtle dark fruit and spice
ABV:  7%
IBU:  Unknown, but I’d estimate mid 20’s to low 30’s
My Rating: 8/10

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