Thursday, October 30, 2014

Woodchuck Reserve Pumpkin Cider (7/10)

I know, this is an apple cider review showing up on a beer site… Still, since we’re featuring pumpkin beers this month, it seemed fitting to cover this one.

Woodchuck Cidery is a pretty well-known name in cider circles.  They’re known for producing sweet, but very drinkable ciders.  Woodchuck Private Reserve Pumpkin Cider is no exception.

The aroma, as you might guess, is that of a hard apple cider, which is to say “very apple-like”.  There’s virtually no head, and you won’t get any lacing out of it.  Carbonation is significant but not extreme.

The color is a bit of an orange or reddish amber.

The flavor is overwhelmingly that of hard apple cider.  You’ll get a hint of pumpkin and spice there, but mostly cider.  It’s on the sweet side, with some tangy elements tagging along.

I like Woodchuck Ciders generally, though they’re too sweet to consider drinking them all the time.  This one is no exception. I’m giving it an 7/10 for being drinkable and delivering something a little different than just a straight cider.

I’ve not seen this in local retailers.  I tried this sample at an Oktoberfest, where it was offered on draft.  It’s available in bottles with very bright orange and black labels featuring the Woodchuck Hard Cider logo.

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