Friday, September 26, 2014

O’Fallon Pumpkin Beer (4/10)

O’Fallon Brewery out of O’Fallon, Missouri, produces this pumpkin beer.

Aroma is a mix of vanilla and raw pumpkin, with some cinnamon and nutmeg.

Half-finger-thick head of an off-white color lasts briefly before dissipating.

I’m going to be honest here. I think the bottle on which this review is based might not have  been a good one.  Online reviews I’ve read described it as pumpkin pie in a bottle, or one of the better pumpkin beers.  If this bottle is representative, I’m worried about those people.
The flavor is unusual.  I hesitate to call it “unpleasant” but it’s bordering on that.  It starts with a funky sourness that puts me in mind of a combination of spoiled milk and raw pumpkin.  This initial funk gives way to some malt and toasted grain that reminds me of a pie crust.  The finish is bitter and sour.

Beer Advocate disagrees with me on this one, giving it an 82 or “good” rating.  Ratebeer is somewhere closer to my rating, giving it a 52/100.  I don’t care much for this one.  It gets a 4/10.  As I said earlier, maybe I’ve just gotten a bad bottle of it.  If this one is representative, it’s not a good beer.

Pumpkin Beer Flavor Profile:
More standard beer flavor or more spiced ale:  Neither, it’s odd.
Pumpkin intensity:  High, with raw pumpkin at the forefront
Spice intensity:  Low
Malty or hoppy:  Malty
Sweet, balanced, or dry:  Dry
Dominant flavor:  Sour pumpkin funk
ABV:  5.6%
IBU:  11
My Rating: 4/10

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