Monday, September 1, 2014

Deschutes Beer and Brats at Giant Eagle

On Friday, August 29, the Giant Eagle location in the Kingsdale Shopping Center hosted the Deschutes Brewery’s “Woody” tap trailer for a special event.  For $5, customers could get a freshly grilled bratwurst and a 16 ounce sample of one of the Deschutes products on tap in the trailer.

Their Twilight Summer Ale was on tap, along with Black Butte Porter and one or more of their IPAs.  We sampled the Twilight Summer Ale, since the Doppel Dinkel Bock wasn’t available, and found it a crisp, refreshing beer that’s good for summer temperatures.

The event seemed quite well attended and the Deschutes folks on hand were kept busy answering questions and handing out samples.

Giant Eagle’s employees did a good job grilling fresh brats and delivering them to the customers.  Inside Giant Eagle, you could also sample wine and beer, or sit at their bar to drink draft beers from the many choices available.

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