Monday, September 8, 2014

Brooklyn Post Road Pumpkin Ale (4/10)

Brooklyn Brewing Company is one of those brewers that I really want to like.  And a couple of their beers do work for me, specifically Brooklyn Local 2 and Brooklyn Sorachi Ace.  So far, I just haven’t liked the rest because their brewers are into the hop-forward trend of many micro-breweries.

Post Road has a great aroma.  Lots of spice and pumpkin, just the way I like it.

The color is a brownish orange.

The flavor, unfortunately, just doesn’t live up to the aroma and color.  Everything in the beer takes a back seat to the hops bitterness.  That simply never works for me.  There’s almost an astringent kind of element to it.  Brooklyn rates it at 24 IBUs, which should be fairly low, but tastes more like a 35-40 IBU beer to me

Beer Advocate’s 1400+ ratings give Post Road an 80-87RateBeer’s 876 ratings seem to side more with me, giving it a 47/100.  My rating is 4/10.  It’s just too bitter for a pumpkin ale.

I sampled this while it was on draft at The Winking Lizard on Bethel Road.  I haven’t seen it available in bottled form at any local retailer for a while.

Pumpkin Beer Flavor Profile:

Dominant Flavor (Beer, Spices, Pumpkin):  Hops
Pumpkin intensity:  Low
Spice intensity:  Medium
Malty or hoppy:  Hoppy
Sweet, balanced, or dry:  Dry
Dominant flavor:  Hops

ABV:  5.8%
IBU:  24
My Rating: 4/10

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