Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Brass Tap Comes to Polaris in November

The Brass Tap is a chain of craft beer bars (with restaurants) that has locations in Florida, Texas, Arizona, and Cincinnati.  This November, they expect to open their new location at Polaris Fashion Place near the Barnes & Noble location.  The Polaris location will feature 80 craft beer taps, thirty of which will be reserved for local breweries.  They’ll also have 160 different bottled beers available.  Draft beers will also be available for purchase by the growler.

The Brass Tap, unlike other locations such as The Daily Growler, will also feature its own restaurant.  The signature dish of The Brass Tap’s menu is a pretzel-crust pizza.
Some locations feature live music as well.  No word yet as to whether this will be true at the Polaris location.

Like World of Beer and other establishments, The Brass Tap also has a loyalty program which rewards patrons for drinking beer at their locations.  Drinking over 300 different beers at their locations (after paying the $15 sign-up fee) will earn you a $200 reward card and a “Beer Guru” T-shirt.  (There are prizes available at 50, 100, and 200 beer levels too.)

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