Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Zauber Taste of the World on June 21, 2014

Earlier, I told you about the Zauber Brewing Company on Fifth Avenue.  They are one of my favorite Columbus breweries, although their products are a bit hard to get at the moment.  (Last time I was there, they only had their own beers on tap on Thursdays – which may or may not still be the case…)
On June 21, from 3-8pm, in the Goodwill parking lot next door to their brewery on Fifth Avenue, they’ll be hosting an event they call Taste of the World.

Taste of the World will feature food trucks like Paddy Wagon, Junior’s Tacos, My Place or Yours, Green Meanie, and Illy’s Pizza.

They’ll also be serving beer from their own brewery, as well as Homestead Beer Company, Seventh Son Brewing, and Zaftig Brewing Company.

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