Sunday, June 22, 2014

Four String Brewing Taproom in Grandview

Four String Brewing was founded by Dan Cochran, a local musician.  They brew a number of beers, including Backstage Blonde (a Belgian-style Blonde Ale), Brass Knuckle (an American Pale Ale), Big Star (a white IPA), Suncaster (a summer wheat ale), and Solo Saison (a farmhouse style ale).

Not being an IPA or American Pale Ale fan, I tried only the Suncaster wheat ale and an orange peel and coriander infused version of their Saison.  I would have ordered Backstage Blonde (a personal favorite Columbus beer) but they were out of it during my visit.  I found Suncaster to be a bit too hoppy for my taste, and especially so for a wheat beer.  But recognizing that most of Four String’s fan base probably consists of IPA and APA lovers, Suncaster is probably considered “mildly hoppy” in those terms.  The infused Saison, on the other hand, was quite nice and I look forward to trying it again in the future.

The Four String taproom is literally located inside their brewery.  As you sit there sipping your beer, you can see the actual brewing equipment on the other end of the room.  A sign hanging from the ceiling warns you that if you touch the brewing equipment in this production brewing facility, you’ll be asked to leave.  The taproom features music playing over the sound system and a television over the bar.  You can buy a flight of samples, cans of their beer, pints, or growlers.  All are priced reasonably (for example, a pint is $5 and less during happy hour).  They also offer T-Shirts ($20) and hoodies.

A food truck parked out front offers edibles while you sip your favorite Four String beer.

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