Sunday, March 2, 2014

UK University Builds Fake Pub to Study Drinking

London’s South Bank University built a new pub that is used by psychology students and professors to study topics related to bars and alcohol consumption.

This simulated bar features a number of unusual features, such as:
  • Guests will randomly be served alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks, depending on study being done in the lab
  • The audio system will play music as well as pre-recorded chatter to simulate a busy pub
  • There will be video cameras everywhere to record what’s going on inside
  • Psychology students will serve as bartenders
  • There will be games installed to test risk-taking and eye-hand coordination
  • The drinks (real or fake) will be free!
The point of this bar/laboratory is to study why and how people drink, as well as the behaviors they engage in while drinking.

For more information, see this article from The Guardian.

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