Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Week in Beer News–March 30, 2014

I saw the following interesting articles related to beer and other beverages this week:

  • Evansville, Indiana, based Tin Man Brewing Co. is creating a beer called Klingon Warnog for fans of beer and Star Trek.  The beer is described as a dunkelweizen style beer with an aroma of mild bananas and cloves and uses rye malt to enhance the flavor.
  • A Dutch beer company ran a commercial that envisions what it might be like if Elvis, Curt Cobain, Marilyn Monroe, and Tupac Shakur were all alive and hiding on an island.
  • Windmill Pointe Brewing Company in Detroit is using bicycle power to brew beer.
  • A Canadian man gave up food for Lent and is surviving on beer instead.
  • Monks in Mt. Angel, Oregon, are going to follow in the tradition of many of their kind and brew beer to help support their monastery.
  • The Motley Fool web site looks at the 10 Strongest Beer Brands on the market, which includes Blue Moon, Negro Modelo, Stella Artois, Bass Ale, Newcastle Brown Ale, Sam Adams, and Sierra Nevada.
  • A Lifehacker article explains that aiming for the middle of the glass will help you pour beer perfectly.

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