Friday, February 28, 2014

Thirsty Dog Labrador Lager (7/10)

Akron, Ohio’s Thirsty Dog Brewing Company makes a number of great beers.  I’m fond of their 12 Dogs of Christmas Ale, Cereberus, Bourbon Barrel Aged Cerberus, and Wulver Wee Heavy.  During a visit to Brazenhead in Grandview, I decided to give the draft version of Labrador Lager a try.  It’s a Dortmunder style lager.

It pours a clear amber color with a  thin white head that doesn’t last long. 

The aroma is malty and very slightly yeasty.

The flavor starts mildly hoppy, then turns to smoked barley.  The finish is mildly bitter.  It’s pleasant enough to drink, but is nothing I’m in a rush to try again.  It’s another of those that’s not bad, but nothing great either.

Beer Advocate visitors rate it 83/100 or “good” while “The Bros” give it a 93/100 or “outstanding”.   Rate Beer gives it only a 41/100.  My own rating is somewhere between those, at 7/10.

IBU: 22
ABV: 6%
My Rating: 7/10

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