Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Turn Old Bottles into Beer Glasses

A post on the College Envy web site talks about how to turn old beer bottles into beer glasses by cutting off the top of the bottle and polishing the rim.  It’s actually kind of a neat way to make your own collection of beer-specific or brewery-specific glassware.  It might even make an inexpensive gift for a beer lover you know.

The “trick” they describe is to tie a string around the bottle, just above the label.  Then, soak the string in lighter fluid and set it on fire, holding the bottle horizontally and rotating it so that the fire gets a chance to go all the way around the bottle.  At some point, you’ll hear it crack.  When that happens, hold it under cold running water and the top will supposedly fall off.  Then, use use sandpaper to smooth off the edges so that it’s safe to drink from the bottle.

See the original post linked above for illustrations, including pictures of glasses made from bottles of Stone Brewing Company and Corona products.

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