Saturday, January 4, 2014

Ridgeway Bad Elf (3/10)

Ridgeway Brewing of the United Kingdom produces Bad Elf, an English IPA.  Their web site says “A little malt, a little hops, and lots of holiday trouble-making; this Elf is so bad, it’s way good.” They reportedly brew it by using a “generous amount of famous English malt” with “45 ounces of hops per barrel”.

The aroma is less hoppy than an American IPA like Dogfish Head 90-Minute, but more so than you expect for a holiday beer with an elf on the label.

The thin white head lasts a few seconds after it’s poured, and leaves behind rings of interconnected lacing.

The flavor starts with a fair amount of hops bitterness, primarily the grapefruit flavor with some pine in the back.  Roasted malt does come through in the middle, but the aftertaste is decidedly bitter.

Beer Advocate, with its many IPA fans, rates Bad Elf an 81 or “good”.  Rate Beer gives it only a 45 overall.  I’m on their side here, but that’s primarily because I dislike IPAs and overly hopped beers.  I’m giving it a 3 out of 10 overall.

Flavor Profile:
Sweet, Malty, Dry, or Bitter:  Bitter
Spice Level:  None
Hops Level:  Moderate
Dominant Flavors:  Hops, followed at a distance by malt
ABV: 4.5%
IBU:  Unknown, probably around 35-40
My Rating: 3/10

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