Friday, January 17, 2014

Portsmouth Brewing Co. Fighting Tartan Imperial Scotch Ale

I was born and raised in Portsmouth, Ohio, home of the Portsmouth Brewing Company which makes Fighting Tartan Imperial Scotch Ale.  Portsmouth Brewing Company is Ohio's oldest brewery.

This comes from the tap a very slightly cloudy mahogany color with a thin off-white head that lasts a while.

The aroma is very clean, with no outstanding scents to it.

The flavor starts a malty with a definite hoppy element to it, as you'd expect for an "Imperial" anything.  It stays sweet, slightly smoky, and hoppy until the finish, when the hops bitterness takes over.  Bearing in mind that hoppier beers tend to turn me off, I didn't find this one as unpleasant as many "imperial" style beers.

There are no Beer Advocate or RateBeer listings for this beer.  You'll have to go with my 6/10 rating for this one.  While that's arguably a "low" rating, you have to bear in mind that this isn't typically my style of beer.  That makes my 6/10 probably an 8/10 for someone who likes this particular beer style.

I tried this particular sample at The Daily Growler in Upper Arlington.  I've not seen this beer available in bottles at any of the local retailers I've visited, but I suspect you will find it on draft a few places in town. You could also try it at the brewery's location in Portsmouth, Ohio.

ABV:  9.0%
IBU:  Unknown, but I'd guess about 28
My Rating: 6/10

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