Friday, January 24, 2014

Clipper City Heavy Seas Holy Sheet (9/10)

While I do not like every beer made by Heavy Seas (from Baltimore, Maryland), I am fond of their Letter of Marque and Plank II beers.  When I saw Holy Sheet on the shelves, they had me at the name.  I bought a bottle and brought it home.  Was I ever glad I did!

Holy Sheet is a Belgian Abbey style ale, aged in Brandy Barrels.

I'm generally fond of Belgian Strong Dark Ales, and this was no exception.

The aroma gives off some of the brandy and spice behind it.  I got just the faintest hint of bubble gum, and of cloves, in it.  These were not present in the flavor.

Speaking of the flavor, it had all the great elements of a Belgian beer.  It was slightly sweet, mildly spiced, and picked up some additional flavor and complexity from the brandy barrels.  In short, it's delicious.  The 38 IBUs would normally put this out of my tolerance level, but had I not read that on the official web site, I'd have rated this in the high 20's.

Beer Advocate rates Holy Sheet an 88/100 or very good.  RateBeer gives it an 89/100.  I think I'm inclined to agree with these folks, giving it a 9/10.

I'd like to say I remember where I purchased this, but I don't.  I believe it was at The Andersons near Sawmill, but it may have been at the Giant Eagle in Kingsdale.

ABV:  9.0%
IBU:  38
My Rating: 9/10

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