Saturday, December 28, 2013

Avery Old Jubilation Ale (7/10)

Avery Brewing of Boulder, Colorado, produces Old Jubilation.  This is an English Old Ale which features a blend of five specialty malts and no spices of any kind.  It’s released in September each year in six-packs, cases, and (as in this review) draft kegs.

It pours a dark mahogany brown with a thin off-white head that lasts a while.   The aroma is definitely malty, which is not surprising given the ingredient list.

The flavor follows the aroma.  It’s malty and nutty, with a touch of sweetness to it.  The finish is also malty, and very slightly bitter.  Overall, it strikes me as a fairly standard brown ale.

Beer Advocate rates it an 87 or “very good”.  Rate Beer gives it a 96 overall.  It’s a little more hoppy than I’d like it to be, but overall it’s a good beer.  I’m giving it a 7 out of 10.

Flavor Profile:

Sweet, Malty, Dry, or Bitter:  Malty
Spice Level:  None
Hops Level:  Medium
Dominant Flavors:  Malt and hazelnuts
ABV: 8.3%
IBU: 45
My Rating: 7/10

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