Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Gizmodo’s Best Non-Alcoholic Beers

Recently, the Gizmodo web site posted an article reviewing many of the available non-alcoholic beers, such as Sharp’s, O’Doul’s Premium, Beck’s Non-Alcoholic, Bitburger Deluxe, and others.

Their “testing methodology” was to buy every non-alcoholic beer they could find at local stores.  Then, the article’s author and two beer fanatic friends picked bottles out at random and sampled them.  Each beer was given a number so that no one knew which one they were drinking.  They drink 6-8 ounces of each beer and cleansed their palates between each sample.  As they sampled, they recorded their notes and assembled a ranking.

The final ranking of the non-alcoholic beers they tested was:

  1. Clausthaler Golden Amber
  2. Erdinger Non-Alcoholic
  3. Kaliber (from Guinness)
  4. Clausthaler Premium
  5. Buckler
  6. Gerstel Non-Alcoholic
  7. Paulaner Thomas Brau
  8. Coors Non-Alcoholic
  9. St. Pauli N.A.
  10. Bitburger Drive
  11. O’Doul’s Amber
  12. Beck’s Non-Alcoholic
  13. O’Doul’s Premium
  14. Miller Sharp’s


There’s a lot of humor in the article and I recommend checking it out if you have time.  Whether it’s Miller Sharp’s being described as smelling “like a dirty fish tank” or O’Doul’s Premium being likened to “dirty pasta water”, you’re sure to find a chuckle in there somewhere.

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