Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Beer-finding Chart

Pop Chart Lab produces a number of different poster-sized charts with charts depicting all the different pasta types, Nintendo NES games, superhero super powers, cheese varieties , bicycle evolution, and much more.  Recently, they released a  chart called The Magnificent Multitude of Beer.

This $90 chart features a kind of mind map chart of all the different styles of beer, such as ales and lagers, German lagers, Belgian/French ales, pale ales, stouts/porters, bocks, marzens, saisons, pumpkin ales, etc.  For each type of beer there are names of examples of that style and lines pointing to the correct kind of serving glass for the style.

Even if you have no interest in a $90 wall chart, it’s interesting to check out just for the beer information on it.

Other charts they offer that you might find interesting include:  The Cocktail Chart of Film & Literature, The Many Varieties of Beer, The Very, Very Many Varieties of Beer, The Very Delectable Kaleidoscope of Candy Bars, and The Marvelous Mixology of Martinis.

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