Friday, August 30, 2013

New Holland Full Circle Kolsch (6/10)

New Holland Brewing Company is located in Holland, Michigan.  Full Circle is their Kolsch style beer and is generally available year-round.

It pours a clear amber color with a thin, white head that dissipates fast.

The aroma is mostly floral, with some hops mixed in.

The flavor is a slightly hoppy balance of malt, toasted grain, and hops.

Beer Advocate rates this an 82 or "good" while Rate Beer gives New Holland Full Circle  a 44 overall and a 72 for the style.

I sampled this beer at The Daily Growler in Upper Arlington.  I've not seen it for sale at local retailers, but I would imagine that you can find it somewhere in town.

ABV: 4.9%
IBU: Unknown, but I'd estimate in the upper 20's
My Rating: 6/10

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