Thursday, July 25, 2013

Columbus Beer Challenges

A number of Columbus area bars offer "beer challenges" to their patrons.  These usually require you to drink a certain number of beers within a certain time frame in order to claim a prize.  In some cases, the bars require you to drink a very specific list of beers.  In others, you're required to drink a certain number of beers from a large list.

Here are the Columbus beer challenges I'm aware of:

  • The Winking Lizard World Beer Tour:  I've completed this tour myself three times.  I opted not to do it this year, though it was something I very much enjoyed.  The Lizard's beer list is well over 300 during the course of a year, and the challenge requires you to drink 100 of those during the year.  (There are prizes at the half-way mark of 50 beers, completion at 100, and even at 150 for overachievers and alcoholics.)  They offer a web site where you can track and rate the beers you try.

  • The World Tour at Bob's Bar:  Drink 130 beers on their"backstage pass" list, with no time limit, and get a t-shirt and a 25-ounce mug with your name on it.  The mug can be refilled with 25 ounces of any draft beer they offer, for the rest of your life, for the price of a 16-ounce pint.

  • Hal and Al's  "The Parson's Challenge":  This bar's challenge is to drink 30 beers (and rate them) in a 30-day period.  The prize  is a T-shirt and your photo on the "wall of fame".  There is also a "part 2" challenge where you drink 30 different beers in the next 30 days.

  • World of Beer Loyalty Club:  Join the club, and you get a t-shirt.  When you reach 50 unique beers, you get a Loyalty Club shirt.  At 100 beers, you get a t-shirt and mug.  At 250, you get a polo shirt and a plaque on their Wall of Fame.   At even higher levels, you get more impressive rewards. 

If you enjoy craft beer and want an excuse to try some you haven't had before, these challenges are a great way to experience a lot of different beers.

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