Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Barley's Point of Origin Belgian Ale (7/10)

Barley's Brewing Co. runs two restaurants in the Columbus area.  The Barley's Brew Pub on North High Street across from the Convention Center may be the more well-known, but there is also Barley's Smokehouse on Riverside in Grandview.  Both offer micro-brew beers in a wide variety of styles.  Point of Origin, reviewed here, is their Belgian golden ale.

It pours a slightly cloudy yellow-gold, with a thin white head.  There isn't a lot of aroma, but you'll pick up some citrus and perhaps a bit of alcohol.

The flavor begins fairly mild and balanced, which then gives way to orange zest or orange peel and mildly bitter hops.  I pick up a little Belgian spice in there, but it definitely takes a back seat to the citrus and hops.  Aftertaste is decidedly bitter and hoppy, and it lingers for quite a while after you drink it.

Perhaps I'm having a bad day, or perhaps this isn't the best glass of Point of Origin.  Last year, I had several pints and even an entire growler and absolutely loved it. This year, the closer I get to the bottom of the pint the less I'm enjoying it.  Last year I'd have given it a strong 8/10, maybe a 9/10.  Based on this glass, I can really only give it a 7... and most of that's on the past experience and not this particular pint.  I'll have to try it again as I attend a convention downtown this week.

IBU:  Unknown, but I'd guess in the 25-30 range
ABV:  Unknown
My Rating: 7/10

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