Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Daily Growler–Upper Arlington

The Daily Growler is located in a strip mall at the intersection of Fishinger and Riverside. It features 60 taps, containing 59 craft beers and one (non-alcoholic) root beer.  Beer is sold by the 5-ounce sample (at prices in the $2-5 range), the pint ($5-9), or 64-ounce growler ($15 to $30 range).During the early evening hours (5-7pm) the shop is usually very busy.  You'll often find a line of people leading from the counter to the front door, all people waiting to fill their growlers. If you're looking for a place to sit and have a drink, The Daily Growler has you covered.  They have several tables in the front of the shop, and one or more rooms in the back.

The Daily Growler does not serve food. However, like World of Beer, they have several menus for nearby restaurants who will deliver food to patrons at The Daily Growler. You call the restaurant, place an order, and the restaurant delivers the food to your table. While you wait, you can continue to enjoy the many beers available.

As seems to be the case with many establishments, the beer list at The Daily Growler always feels very IPA-heavy and pale-ale-heavy to me.   The beer menu on the date this article was written contained 14 IPAs and 16 other pale ales out of the 59 beer taps.  Also represented are porters, stouts, wheat beers, saisons, lagers, and various other beer varieties.

In spite of the pale-ale bias, I'm usually able to find something interesting to try.  I often start with 5-ounce samples until I find something I'd like a pint or growler full of.  (The samples make it feel like I'm going to a mini beer festival when I visit.)

To help customers determine if any desired beers are on tap, The Daily Growler's beer list is placed online each day at  Bookmarking that page is a great way to check up on what's available that day.

Owner John W. Blakely (pictured behind the cash register in the photo) and staff are always friendly and helpful.  If you decide to stick around for a pint or two when having your growler filled, they'll put the growler in the chiller for you while you enjoy your pint of beer.  The tables often have copies of beer-related magazines and event advertising on them as well, giving you something interesting and on-topic to read while you drink.

The Daily Growler
2812 Fishinger Rd.
Upper Arlington
614-656-BEER (2337)

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