Monday, April 8, 2013

Boulevard Carryout

Boulevard Carryout in Grandview doesn't look like much from the outside, but don't let that fool you.  There are a few gems inside.

The shop is located near the intersection of Northwest and Third, and I nearly missed it as I drove by.

Overall, I'd say the selection is smaller than what you'd find at Weiland's, Kenny Road Market, or Whole Foods in Dublin.  It's comparable in quantity to Palmer Beverage Center or maybe Whole Foods in Upper Arlington. I recognized products from around 100 breweries in all.  They seem to have an impressive wine selection for such a small shop, but not being a wine expert that's only a guess.

The selection of foreign beers, not necessarily craft beers (though some were) caught my attention.  I saw unfamiliar European and South American brews here, such as Carib (from Trinidad, St. Kitts, and Grenada), Kronenbourg from France, Quilmes from Argentina, various German beers, English beers like Tetley's and Boddington's, and a few others.

On the shelves here, I found a few less-common beers like Stone Vertical Epic, a limited edition Harvest Ale from 2011, Harviestoun Ola Dubh, along with Christmas Ales from Abita, Bell's, Southern Tier, and Thirsty Dog (this is in April 2013, BTW).  I also saw a wide selection from Samuel Smith and Founder's.  This is also the only place in town I remember seeing Schmaltz (a New York brewery) Coney Island Lager.

I ended up taking home a 6-pack of Kulmbacher EKU 28, some Weyerbacher Quad, Sierra Nevada Ovila, and a Brew Kettle Dark Helmet to review later.

If you're in the vicinity of the shop, or live in the neighborhood, you may want to drop by to check it out.

Boulevard Carryout
1290 West 3rd Avenue
Columbus, OH
Phone: 614-488-3232

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