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Kenny Road Market

For as long as I've been enjoying craft beer, Kenny Road Market has been my go-to shop for purchasing it.  Its location near the intersection of Kenny Road and Bethel Road makes one of the closest craft beer retailers to where I live and work.  But its selection of beer, its occasional specials, and it knowledgeable staff keep me coming back.

One of the signs on the outside of the shop indicates that they have over 500 different beers in stock.  I've no reason to doubt that, and I've included a number of pictures here to help illustrate the kind of selection you're going to find inside.

Depending on how well my cell phone was able to focus for these photos, you should be able to identify many of the beers that were on the shelves during a recent visit.  Since the stock changes over time, I can't promise you that any beer you see in these images will still be stock when you get there, but Kenny Road Market does their best to keep popular craft beers in stock.  Like any retailer, they're limited by what their distributors can get them.

Kenny Road Market has both a large refrigerated section of beer, and a decent selection of beers which aren't refrigerated.  In the pictures here, you'll be able to identify beers from a number of different craft breweries.

In the image at the right, you'll see Gulden Draak in the bottom of the case (the white bottle in the bottom left of the image).  Above it is a bottle of Karmeleit Tripel.  On the shelf above that, some Lindenman's lambic beers.

You'll also see the inexpensive Baltika beers from Russia, which I've found to be quite good for a $2 bottle of beer.

In the right-hand case, you'll see a row of Samuel Smith brews, a row of Evil Twin beer, and a selection from St. Peter's.

And yes, there are some mass-market brews showing in that window as well.  In this case, you'll find a Heineken and a Corona.

In other refrigerated cases, you'll find brews from Stone, Bell's, Samuel Adams, Hoppin' Frog, Dogfish Head, Goose Island, Leinenkugel's, Southern Tier, Heavy Seas, Thirsty Dog, Left Hand, Great Lakes, Columbus Brewing Company, Penn Brewing, Founder's, Sierra Nevada, Harpoon, North Coast, Brooklyn Brewing, and many others.  And since Kenny Road Market caters to all beer lovers' tastes, you'll also find a large selection of mass-market beers from Anheiser-Busch, Miller, Coors, and the like.

You'll also find a selection of wines there.  Not being a wine drinker, I can't tell you how good (or bad) the selection is.  You'll have to make that call for yourself.

As I mentioned earlier, you'll often find "specials" in the store.  During a visit in January, they offered a selection of $10 "mystery cases" which contained 24 randomly chosen beers.  During another visit, they were offering cases of a German beer for $10.  On other visits, I've seen greatly reduced prices on seasonal beers or other unfamiliar beers.  Sometimes, these specials have been hard to resist.  It's worth dropping in there regularly to see what they have.

When you enter the shop, make your way to the right-hand rear corner of the store.  There, you'll find a refrigerated case offering a "make your own six-pack" option to select any six singles found in the case for a price of (as of this writing) $10.99.  You can also buy any individual single in that case for $1.99.  This is a great way to try a number of different craft beers without shelling out a lot of cash.  That case is pictured at the left.

I'll conclude the article with a number of (sadly, mostly blurry) photos of the selection to give you some idea of the number of breweries and individual beers you can expect to find there.  Beer Advocate rates them a 93/100 or "exceptional".

If you've never been there, I can't recommend strongly enough that you check it out!

Kenny Road Market
4658 Kenny Road
Columbus, OH 43220
Phone: (614) 538-1100

More photos of the amazing selection at this market:

The following list, which is not complete, contains the names of the breweries whose products were on the shelves at Kenny Road Market during a visit in March 2013.  This should provide some idea of the brands and beers you might find on the shelves during a visit to the store:

  • Abita

  • Affligem

  • Alesmith

  • Anchor

  • Anderson Valley

  • Asahi

  • Aventinus

  • Avery

  • Ayinger

  • Ballast Point

  • Baltika

  • Bear Republic

  • Bell's

  • Black Sheep

  • Breckenridge

  • The Brew Kettle

  • Brooklyn Brewing Co.

  • Chang

  • Chimay

  • Chouffe

  • Columbus Brewing Co.

  • Dark Horse Brewing

  • Dogfish Head

  • Duchesse De Bourgogne

  • Dundee

  • Dupont

  • Duvel

  • Elevator Brewing Co.

  • Epic Brewing

  • Estrella

  • Evil Twin

  • Flying Dog

  • Flying Horse

  • Founder's

  • Full Pint

  • Goose Island

  • Great Divide

  • Great Lakes Brewing Co.

  • Green Flash

  • Hayward's

  • Heavy Seas

  • Henry Weinhard's

  • Hofbrau

  • Hoppin' Frog

  • Innis & Gunn

  • Iron Fist

  • Kaliber

  • Kentucky Ale

  • Kingfisher

  • Kona Brewing Co.

  • Kostritzer

  • La Trappe

  • Lagunitas

  • Leffe

  • Left Hand Brewing

  • Lindemans

  • Magic Hat

  • Maredsous

  • Mission Brewing

  • Modelo

  • Monk's Cafe

  • Morland

  • New Holland

  • Newcastle

  • Nogne

  • North Coast

  • O'Fallon

  • Ohio Brewing Co.

  • Ommegang

  • Orval

  • Oskar Blues

  • Paulaner

  • Penn Brewing

  • The Perfect Crime

  • Petrus

  • Pig's Eye

  • Radeberger

  • Revolution Brewing

  • Rivertown

  • Rogue

  • Samuel Adams

  • Samuel Smith

  • Sapporo

  • Schneider & Sohn

  • Shiner

  • Shock Top

  • Sierra Nevada

  • Singha

  • Sixpoint

  • Smithwick's

  • Spaten

  • St. Bernardus

  • St. Feuillien's

  • St. Peter's

  • Stiegl

  • Stillwater

  • Stoudt's

  • Straffe Hendrick

  • Taj Mahal

  • Tecate

  • Thirsty Dog

  • Tommyknocker

  • Trappist Achel

  • Trappistes Rochefort

  • Troeg's

  • Tsingtao

  • Tusker

  • Victory

  • Weihenstephaner

  • Wells

  • Westmalle

  • Weyerbacher

  • Widmer Brothers

  • Wychwood

  • Zatec

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