Friday, January 4, 2013

Three Floyds Rabbid Rabbit Ale (5/10)

This is the first beer I've tried from Indiana-based Three Floyds Brewing Company.  They describe Rabbid Rabbit as a "Franco-Belgian style Farmhouse Ale" or "Saison".  My experience with Saisons is pretty mixed.  I tend to really, really like them because they remind me of the Belgian style beers I love, or I hate them because the brewery emphasizes the hops component over everything else.

Poured from the bottle, Rabbid Rabbit is a cloudy orange-amber color with a reasonably thick white head which takes some time to dissipate.

The aroma is both yeasty and hoppy.

The flavor is a balance of Belgian spiciness and hops, leaning toward hops.  In fact, it leans toward hops a bit more than I care for.  I'd describe is as "OK" but nothing I'd be in a hurry to have again, making it neither a Saison that I love or hate... which is something of a rarity.

The reviewers at Beer Advocate give it an 86 out of 100, or "good".  That's somewhat consistent with my 5/10 or "OK" rating.

ABV: 7.4%
IBU: 25
My rating: 5/10

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