Friday, January 11, 2013

Jever Pilsener (4/10)

Jever is a German brewing company whose web site seems more obsessed with its green Harley Davidson motorcycles than its beer.  Jever Pilsener is one of their four beer products.  The other three are a light beer, a lime beer, and one labeled simply "Fun".

Poured out of the green bottle, it looks pretty much like any other pilsner lager.  It's nearly completely clear and gold in color, with a decent white head on it.  The head leaves behind moderate lacing.

The aroma is very hoppy.  The flavor backs this up.  To my tastebuds, the hops bitterness pretty much overwhelms every other flavor component to the beer.  Being that I'm not "all about the hops", this makes it a beer that I don't particularly enjoy.  I've certainly had worse, but I've had many more that were better.

Beer Advocate rates it at 79 out of 100, calling it "average".  I think that might be a little kind, but then their reviewers are more appreciative of hops bitterness than I am, I think... though the first review I read described the beer by saying "The aroma is a balanced mix of hops and malt that is stronger than expected given the light color. The taste is stronger yet, especially the hop note and the surprisingly bitter (but not objectionable) aftertaste."

I received this as part of a gift set from Cost Plus World Market, but have seen it available at local retailers.  I believe Kenny Road Market may carry it.

ABV: 4.9%
IBU: 33
My rating: 4/10

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