Thursday, December 27, 2012

Epic Brewing Smoked & Oaked Release #5 (6/10)

Epic Brewing Company's Smoked and Oaked Belgian Style Ale caught my attention because it's an oak aged Belgian style beer.

It pours a very cloudy reddish brown with a minimal amount of head.

The aroma is one of alcohol and Belgian spice.

The flavor begins with oak and sweetness. Behind that you'll find Belgian spice a faint touch of hops. There is a slight alcohol burn at the finish. Carbonation is light but I wouldn't describe it as a flat beer.

This is a rare beer. It's rare in that its pedigree is one that should be absolutely perfect for my taste. It's a Belgian style ale, aged in bourbon barrel casks. It's not especially hoppy, either. Still, somehow, the combination just doesn't work for me. It's not bad, but it's just "OK" on balance. It's the kind of beer I wouldn't turn down if a friend offered it to me, but I don't expect to buy one again myself.

I purchased this beer at Ale Wine & Spirits of Powell.  I've seen Epic beers at other locations as well, such as Whole Foods in Upper Arlington.

ABV: 9.9%
IBU: Unknown, probably 25 or less
My rating: 6/10

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