Friday, October 5, 2012

Old Monk 10000 Super Beer (5/10)

I admit freely that I bought this beer for only two reasons.  First, it was relatively inexpensive.  Second, it has a very amusing name.  But if you thought Old Monk 10000 Super Beer is a Belgian Trappist monk ale, you were mistaken.  This is malt liquor, brewed in India by Mohan Breweries and Distilleries Ltd.

The aroma out of the bottle is a touch “skunky” but not to the degree of a Heineken.  The color is a pale-to-medium yellow.  The head is white, relatively thin, and dissipates quickly.  There is minimal or no lacing.

What you’re probably wondering is “Is it really a ‘super’ beer?”  The answer, unfortunately, is a resounding “NO”.

Having said that, I wouldn’t say it’s a bad beer either.  It reminds me of Hayward’s 5000, Taj Mahal, and other Indian beers.  It starts a touch bitter, but not in a hoppy way.  It then gets malty and then a touch sour.  This flavor actually works well with Indian food.

The folks at Beer Advocate who rated Old Monk 10000 were a bit unkind. It rates a 63/100 or “poor” on their scale.  I definitely wouldn’t call it a “poor” beer.  It definitely isn’t the equivalent of Ommegang Art of Darkness or any of the Samuel Smith brews, but it’s not bad.

I purchased this beer at The Andersons General Store, but I've seen it at other retailers.

ABV:  8%
IBU:  unknown, but I’d rate it in the low 20’s
My rating: 5/10

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