Friday, June 15, 2012

Thirsty Dog Raspberry Ale (7/10)

Thirsty Dog's Raspberry Ale is an interesting fruit beer.  It pours into the glass a rich amber color with an amazingly tall white head that dissipates slowly.  The aroma of raspberries is so strong that you expect it to be a soda-pop-like Lambic style of beer - but it isn't.

The flavor is not what you would expect.  There is a hint of raspberry to it, but otherwise the flavor is that of a relatively standard ale with a mild hoppiness to it.  It was pleasant, but I doubt I'll buy it again any time soon.

Beer Advocate gives it a 78 out of 100, describing it as "average".

I sampled this particular bottle at The Winking Lizard Tavern on Bethel Road.  Thirsty Dog products are stocked at Cost Plus World Market.  I've not noticed them at other local retailers, but I may just not have been looking closely enough at the time.

ABV: 3.9%
IBU: 7.5
My rating: 7/10

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